Educational Objectives

Jubilee Christian Academy strives to provide a learning environment that nurtures students’ Christian orientation, intellectual development, student activity participation, persona discipline, social & service orientation, cultural enrichment, as well as their physical and psychological well-being. It labors for the students to achieve the following objectives.

Christian Orientation

  • Accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
  • Acquire thorough knowledge of God, the Bible, and the foundations of the Christian faith and apply it to daily life.
  • Manifest desirable Christian values and attitudes and integrate them in their decision-making.
  • Relate biblical Christian worldview to all areas of learning.
  • Share their Christian faith to help others become Christians and work actively to expand God’s kingdom.
  • Show love and concern for others in words and deeds as God would.

Intellectual Development

  • Use correct and effective means of written and oral communication in English, Filipino, and Chinese.
  • Acquire critical thinking, logical and quantitative reasoning, manipulative and experimental skills for creative application in daily life, work, and tretiary study.
  • Demonstrate strong desire and capability for lifelong learning.

Student Activities Participation

  • Actualize the knowledge, skills, and values learned from the classroom in non-classroom and non-school settings
  • Develop leadreship, organizational, management, and interpersonal skills.
  • Explore and enhance one’s interests and talents to enrich one’s life and lead a more fulfilled school life.

Personal Discipline

  • Demonstrate a high sense of respect, accountability, and responsibility to god, oneself, and others.
  • Observe proper Christian character and conduct in and out of the School.

Social and Service Orientation

  • Exhibit strong sense of responsibility towards one’s society by participating in selfless services for its development and improvement.
  • Participate openly in efforts to improve the economic standing and uplift the condition of the poor in the Philippines and around the world.
  • Participate in efforts to make every nation a God-fearing and godly nation, solve conflict peacefully, and promote good governance.
  • Respect the rights of others and choose to act justly towards them.
  • Engage in proactive efforts to make the environment more wholesome.

Cultural Enrichment

  • Acquire knowledge of history and culture of nations and critical analysis of issues related to it for understanding one’s own national identity, developing an enlightened commitment to national ideals by preserving values and traditions of the Chinese Filipino heritage.
  • Value cultural diversity, respect differences, and accept religious variations.
  • Acquire artistic competence and appreciation for music and art.
  • Promote actively the cultural development of one’s society.

Physical and Psychological Well-being

  • Gain psychomotor and physical faculties to improve one’s physical fitness and to contribute to one’s athletic endeavor.
  • Gain Positive thinking, study, and working skills.
  • Acquire attitudes and habits enhancing one’s self and emotional development.
  • Possess personal values that allow one to lead an enjoyable and balanced life.
  • Develop harmonious and satisfying relationships with family members, teachers, classmates, and friends.
  • Deal competently with varied life situations.
  • Discover and develop God-given interests and talents leading to a challenging and productive career choice and vocation.