• #DreamInProgress

    May 31, 2018

    It has been ten months since the groundbreaking ceremony for the 4th Street Building Project took place last July 23, 2017.


  • Sanitation for prevention

    March 01, 2018

    SANITATION FOR PREVENTION The School conducts a thorough cleaning on all rooms to ensure the cleanliness and safety as far as health concern of all students.  As the need arises, apart from the regular measures, the School adapts the new innovation to sanitize rooms that can kill the micro-organism. Intech Group Innovations Corporation has introduced […]


  • A Journey of Faith: The 4th Street Building Project

    February 10, 2018

    A Journey of Faith: The 4th Street Building Project By Ellise Lim and Anika Ng of 10-Solomon Excerpt: The Junior High School came together in thanksgiving and in dedicating to the Lord the new building project at 4th Street QUEZON CITY– (October 13, 2017) The Junior High School, headed by the Christian Formation Department (CFD), […]


  • CFD and JEC Student Centers

    February 09, 2018

    Separation to Multiply the Ministry For several years, Christian Formation Departmnet (CFD) and Jubilee Evangelical Church (JEC ) shared one Center in E. Rodriguez Campus to serve the JCA Community. The Center was used for Admission Assessment as well as Guidance and Spiritual Counseling during class hours. After class hours, Junior and Senior High School […]


  • Building a Dream

    January 30, 2018

    It all started with a dream… then a prayer.



    December 04, 2017


  • JCA Water Supply Analysis Passes Again!

    Jubilee Christian Academy passed once again the Water Analysis and Microbiological Test as per Department of Health (DOH) standards for drinking water with respect to coliform bacteria and heterotrophic bacteria.  The test was conducted by a DOH-accredited laboratory last September 05, 2017. All water sources such as drinking fountains and water faucets in both D. […]


  • High School Department Holds Its Earthquake, Fire and Lockdown Drill

    October 17, 2017

    QUEZON CITY- On September 5, 2017, the Junior High School (JHS) and Senior High School (SHS) students together with the Preschool pupils participated in the annual earthquake, fire, and lockdown drill to prepare everybody when a disaster strikes. The three drills ( earthquake, fire, and lockdown drill) were performed right after each orientation and a […]


  • New Personnel Property Orientation 2017

    October 2, 2017

    On August 26, 2017, the new batch of JCA Personnel attended the Property Orientation at Multi-Media – E. Rodriguez Campus. This orientation is a requirement to all new personnel to introduce them to the JCA Culture of Christlikeness, Excellence, Discipline and Love and Service. Mrs. Roselle T. Clemena – Property Manager, headed the discussion on the roles […]


  • New Building To Rise in Jubilee

    September 14, 2017

    QUEZON CITY- On July 23, 2017, the Jubilee Community gathered together to witness, celebrate, and thank God for the groundbreaking ceremony of the 4th Street Building Project at Doña Hemady Campus.   The groundbreaking ceremony was attended by Jubilee Evangelical Church (JEC) Board of Elders and Deacons, Pastors, and members as well as Jubilee Christian Academy (JCA) Board […]


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