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Season of Joy

There is always something to look forward to during Monday mornings in Jubilee Christian Academy.

On December 4, 2017, the members of the JCA High School Pep Squad visited the DH campus to teach the students the Jubilee Cheer. This activity is part of the preparations for the opening ceremony of the Philippine Ching Yuen Athletics Association (PCYAA) on January 14, 2017.

After reigniting the school spirit, the Grade 5 students took the center stage as they presented their own flute rendition of the Ode to Joy. This performance kicked off the Christmas celebrations in this campus.

Celebration of God’s goodness continued as Mrs. Victoria Pekitpekit, our Math Coordinator, presented the students who recently won in the International Teenagers Mathematics Olympiad held last November 11, 2017. They are Belleana Gan (6-Keats), Jerome Te (4-Kabayanihan), Thomas So (3-Ezra), and Megan Tong (3-Daniel).