SMU Invites Grade 10 Students to New Grounds of Learning

Last October 23, 2018, Ms. Jade Hsia Lim, Associate Director, Office of Undergraduate Admission, together with Mr. Jeffrey Chee Lim from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Assistance of Singapore Management University (SMU), visited Jubilee Christian Academy (JCA) to give Grade 10 students the opportunity to learn more about the university.

SMU, a government-funded university and one of the premiere management universities in Asia, takes pride in its unique and hands-on style of teaching and learning. It caters to students who are interested in acquiring degrees in Accountancy, Business Management, Economics, Information Systems, Law, and Social Sciences.

The talk allowed the students to get to know SMU and its academic program that boasts of an international exchange student program. With 100% of the students being sent abroad for four to six months of immersion in a different learning environment, students experience a holistic education that allows every SMU student to succeed wherever they go. 

A snapshot of the Grade 10 batch together with SMU officials and JCA Personnel

A snapshot of the Grade 10 batch together with SMU officials and JCA Personnel

The competitive academic program of SMU is anchored on its experienced and veteran faculty, outstanding student development program, and state of the art facilities. Mr. Lim also shared the foreign student program and requirements making it more ideal for students to consider pursuing higher education in SMU.

This international university visit for Grade 10 students aims to expose JHS students to universities and international schools to give them a greater vision and expanse of other learning opportunities afforded to them. The whole talk inspired the Grade 10 students for other possibilities awaiting them in their pursuit of higher education. 


From L-R: Ms. Gaza, JHS Asst. Principal; Mrs. Ramos, SHS Asst. Principal; Ms. Jade Hsia Lim and Mr.Jeffrey Chee Lim of SMU; Dr. Coyukiat, Executive Directress; Ms. Akmad, CFD Director; and Ms. Bañes, Guidance Coordinator.