Thank You God for Jubilee

January 31, 2019– The preschool department holds a joint session to celebrate the school’s founding anniversary through a special thanksgiving ceremony.


52nd Foundation day Thanksgiving.

52nd Foundation day Thanksgiving.


Students were surprised to see so many of their classmates inside the chapel to celebrate the school’s anniversary.

Ms. Evangelista welcomes everyone with singing of praise and worship songs. Everyone sang and danced to give praise to the Lord.


Mrs. Sherrilyn Labaton shared some of the things that she's very thankful for.

Mrs. Labaton shared about Luke 17:11-19, where Jesus healed 10 lepers, but only one came back.


They also shared some of the things that they are very thankful for.


One of the Nursery students stood in front to say "Thank you" to Jesus.

One of the Nursery students stood in front to say “Thank you” to Jesus.


The thanksgiving service ended with Ms. Wong leading a prayer of thanksgiving for the Lord’s faithfulness over the school for 52 years.

Praise God for His faithfulness!

Note:  Click the link below to watch the Preschool students as they sing “10,000 Reasons”.