Jubilee Christian Academy exists today because a handful of men and women worked into reality the God-given vision of a quality school that teaches English, Filipino and Chinese subjects in a Christian context. Since its founding, JCA has prepared its students for excellence in the different areas of our society.

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports (MECS) granted full recognition to the JCES Kindergarten Department.

JCES graduated its first batch of Elementary students.

The Department of Education, Culture and Sports granted government recognition for complete six-year Elementary course (day).

For the next two years, JCA continued to grow under the supervision of Dr. Gerardo Veloso

Ms. Yap Siok Ho took over to continue the mission.

JCES moved from the 1,097 sq. m. lot with a wooden building in Matienza, San Miguel, Manila to a 4,881 sq. m. property with a new concrete building in New Manila, Quezon City. JCES received a special permit for the operation of the High School Department and was named Jubilee Christian High School. Dr. Tan Chuy Lieng was then in charge.

Mrs. Nenita Nessia directed operations in JCHS for two years.

The year featured another golden moment as it produced its first batch of High School graduates. Mr. Alejandro G. Beltran Sr. assumed the Chairmanship of the Academy Board of Trustees from Mr. Nicasio G. Co, Sr.

For the next 12 years, the School further developed under the leadership of Chairman/Executive Director Alejandro G. Beltran Sr.

MECS granted government recognition to JCHS for the complete General Secondary Course. JCES was renamed Jubilee Christian Academy (JCA). JCA reinforced its pursuit for academic excellence in the Christian context.

A 2,123 square meter property on E. Rodriguez Avenue and F. Manalo St., Cubao, Quezon City was acquired which was occupied by the JCA Preschool Department.

Executive Directress, Dr. Sally L. Coyukiat, started work in sculpturing the JCA education into a more competitive Christian institution for the 21st century.

Mr. Nicasio G. Co, Sr. chaired CGTF and the Academy Board of Trustees.

The 768 square meter lot adjacent to the Preschool area was purchased.

Mr. Chan Kok Bin was elected Chairman of the Academy Board of Trustees.

Nicasio G. Co, Sr. became Chairman Emeritus of the Academy Board of Trustees.

Construction of the new building at E. Rodriguez started year-end of 2001. The Preschool Department moved in on November 2002. On December 01, 2003, the High School Department followed. The Elementary Department stays on in D. Hemady.

The 1,039 square meter lot adjacent to the Elementary Department was purchased.


L-R: Mrs. Carol Seming (Preschool Principal), Mrs. Lorna Yan (Elementary Principal), Mrs. Aurora Uy (Finance Director), Mrs. Evelyn M. Bumatay (Junior High School Principal), Dr. Sally Coyukiat (Executive Directress), Dr. Paul Calamiong (Senior High School Principal), Ms. Mary Jane Akmad (Christian Formation Director), Mrs. Roselle Clemeña (Property Manager) and Mrs. Edna Sue Yao (Administrator).