1. Christian Orientation
    1. God is the source of all truth, knowledge, wisdom, and values as revealed through Jesus Christ, the Bible, and Creation.
    2. Man is created in the image of the living God, redeemed from the fallen state by faith alone in Jesus Christ, and accountable to God in how his life is lived.
    3. The Lord Jesus Christ is the one true way to the abundant life on earth and eternal life in heaven.
    4. The end goal of all earthly living is to know God through His Son and to live for Him through a Holy Spirit-filled life.
    5. The School is a vital ministry of the Christian community to help fulfill the Great Commission among the young ones.
    6. The School cultivates and exhibits excellence in all its areas as a befitting offer of worship and thanksgiving to God who is the fountainhead of all excellence.
    7. Jubilee Evangelical Church with other Christian churches and organizations, using its Christian advisory, counseling and prayer ministry, encourage and strengthen the School in achieving its God-given vision.
  2. Student Concern
    1. Each student is a gift entrusted by God to Jubilee Christian Academy. God holds Jubilee accountable to nurture each student in a loving environment and to bring about his maximum development and to challenge him to live out God’s intended purpose for his life.
    2. A Christian world and life view leading to meaningful, orderly, and peaceful living is essential for a complete education that address all aspects of the students’ development.
    3. Students learn best when exposed to a variety of learning materials and instructional methods, growing up in a conducive environment aimed to challenge them to do their very best and be above par.
    4. Students acquire culture of excellence, imbibe positive values, and develop rightful attitudes when they see them taught and modeled by their teachers and other responsible adults in the School.
    5. Each student is unique and his learning process must be appropriate to his age and adapted to his needs.
    6. Students are to be proud of their Chinese Filipino heritage, mature and prepared to face the concerns in life, committed to serve with excellence their immediate and extended community.
  3. School Community
    1. The Academy Board of Trustees and Administrators lead and direct the School to greater heights with God-given vision, and oneness of heart and hand, and openness to new challenges.
    2. The Faculty practice their profession as a calling to serve Jesus Christ by teaching students with competence and passion as well as inspiring them with their faith, work, and life.
    3. The Staff provide selfless, effective, and efficient services to enhance all aspects of School life for a well-managed and well-maintained School.
    4. Parents have the primary duty to educate their children. They can, however, delegate it to the school by partnering with the School through their support and recommendations for better quality of education and learning environment redounding to the good of their children, the whole student body, and the school.
    5. Alumni are faithful in serving God, competent in chosen work, active in civic responsibilities, serving and making a difference in their homes, churches, country, and the world.
  4. External Environment
    1. The School contributes best to the societal positive development when it nurtures competent students committed to use their abilities and resources to serve God and their fellow men.
    2. The School works toward a harmonious relationship with its external environment for a peaceful and productive community for the welfare of the country and the global community.
    3. The School engages the members for the school community to participate actively in endeavors that will uplift the poor sectors and address wisely the pressing issues of the Philippines and global society.
    4. The School support efforts to improve the education sector both locally and internationally through research and other forms of collaboration.